OK, not much has been happening, which is sort of expected. I intended to get out at least a couple more releases before abandoning it, but I got caught up in other stuff and then disinterested. I did get like 4 translations done while neglecting this. But, as I initially intended, I do want to get at least a couple more releases out, so I’m trying to get back into it.

I’ve discussed the game some with Altereggo, and one of his ideas that I really like is for the game to have some progression, so the game isn’t just the same thing from start to whenever you decide to stop playing. To that effect, I want to initially limit the player’s options, and then add in more and more things as the game goes on. This lends itself as a convenient way to order the development of the game, instead of just adding features in an ad hoc fashion, I’ll add them in the order that they’re introduced. Of course this isn’t necessarily the most efficient way, but practically speaking, I think it’ll work better.

So the first thing I want to start out with is basic prostitution management. These will be free workers, not slaves. And I’ll start by making the player a pimp with no brothel to work out of.

Anyway, updates are lame, hopefully I won’t have to do any more of these and can start posting releases from now on, lol.

First Release

This is the first release for Sex Worker Management: It ain’t easy, a brothel sim. The pemise is, you run a brothel and manage sex workers. The idea is taken from Whore Master which in turn takes the idea from SimBrothel.

I have something done, at any rate. No where close to complete, just some basic functionality done and working. The interface is all stdio over tty. It’s not going to change for a while, unfortunately.

My plan at this point is to first, add more features to the game until it’s an actual game and I know what I’m doing with it. After that I’ll cleanup the code and redesign the internals. Then I’ll work on the interface.

The code is really sloppy right now. When I first started on it, I was a bit more concerned. After I got an idea of what I was doing, I went back to write everything “pretty” and get it organized better, but I ended up with some really complicated code that was making all sorts of guesses about how the game would be designed in its final form. I realized that was a bad idea, so I then went back and rewrote it really sloppy. Once I actually know what I want it to look like, then I’ll start worrying about elegant design.

Speaking of elegant, lol that interface. I have no plans to make it graphical for a while. Even when I overhaul it, I’ll either use curses or SDL with just text. I’m leaning toward curses since I’ve never used it before, but SDL will be easier to add graphics to, which will probably happen at some point if the project lasts long enough.

Oh, and I don’t have any hard plans in regards to features. I have a lot of ideas I want to try, but I don’t really want to make up a list and say “this is what will be in the game” at this point.

SourceForge link: https://sourceforge.net/projects/sexworkermanage/